WELHAB - Hot Works Habitat

Today’s challenge for all our clients is to work more safely in high risk areas and reduce crew size and time lost by maintenance and project teams during shutdown and production work phases.

The solution to achieving a better working environment and cost savings has been created by Aberdeen-based market leader Aiken with the launch of our 2 .7-2 DNV certified hot works WELHAB habitat.

Since the 1980s, these habitats have evolved to become even more robust and adaptable whilst always providing the highest standard of safety achievable. This flexible technology ensures a safe and efficient method of carrying out potentially dangerous activities in any shape or size of area, incorporating all fixtures, piping and obstacles.

The unique, new Aiken system provides the very best in the latest certified technologies with the company’s solid reputation for quality and innovation, resulting in flexible, durable and safe habitats for the most demanding jobs. All components are sourced via approved vendors and carry the appropriate qualifications to ensure ATEX compliance and certification.

Leading edge equipment is backed and delivered by highly skilled personnel who can provide turnkey solutions starting with offshore survey to identify, assess and mitigate risks before creating individual solutions to meet our clients’ needs. The bespoke design process is followed by fast, simple installation and thorough testing to facilitate a safe working location within hazardous areas, thus creating a secure, well-lit and isolated environment.